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My name is Sandi Green-Baker.  As an artist and retired art teacher, I love the magic that happens when storytelling, music, and the visual arts intersect.  


My passions include organizing collaborative art projects, helping folks cultivate their inner artist, and making and performing "crankies".

I am available to:

give live crankie performances, 

conduct crankie workshops, 

organize collaborative art projects, 

create artworks on commission. 

Project Examples


Lady Margaret, a crankie depicting a tale of love gone wrong.  


Australian Pyres, a collaborative art project created by my students 

at Logan Rodgers Upper Elementary School in Rodgersville, MO. 

snake wrestler.jpg

Snake Wrestler, one of 22 circus-themed paintings commissioned by The Traditional Music and Dance Society. I created these paintings on king sized bedsheets. Contact me to rent the set, or to commission paintings for your own organization. 


"Never, Never, Never be an artist...

unless you want to have a marvelous time"

Al Hirschfeld



Click on Images below to see enlarged versions with additional information


Sandi Green-Baker

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